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Auto mechanic manuals in PDF file. Downloading these files is free. You will also find all the car brands on the market and a variety of models. Because with these workshop manuals, repairing your vehicle will be easier. With the most precise technical data and with all the security of an excellent repair.


More than 50 brands and more than 2000 free car manuals


More than 50 brands available and 2000 mechanics manuals for your vehicle

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Automotive mechanics manuals 

A whole world of auto mechanics. These auto mechanic manuals pdf. They are the same that your dealership technicians use for automotive repair and service that they provide to the general public. With a few tools and some basic knowledge you a mechanic or auto mechanic can do any auto repair.

What is a mechanics manual for?

The mechanics manuals provide endless help for any type of repair, be it routine (maintenance) or a major repair such as an engine adjustment or a repair of any of the systems included in the vehicle.

What kind of information do mechanics manuals include?

The mechanics manuals include a lot of information to be able to make a more precise diagnosis. In this way, to be able to make a repair according to what is specified by the manufacturer. Now we are going to show you a good example of its content and how we should use a manual. We will do the example in one of the manuals most sought after by mechanics, and mechanical fans. 

Toyota 22R-E mechanics manual

It is an engine that has been incorporated in many vehicles of the brand, for example a Toyota Hilux. It is an engine with a displacement capacity of 2366 cc (cubic centimeters) It has a power of 108 hp (81kW) This engine is powered by a timing chain It has a fuel system of the brand and type Toyota TCCS MFI -i. 

This engine has a variant that is the 22RE and 22TE This engine has been incorporated in vehicles such as the Toyota Hilux, Land Cruiser, Celica, Pick Ups and 4Runner among others.

The mechanics manual of this engine has the following information

Table of Contents

Displays information about the use of this manual by means of an index on the first page of each section to guide you to the item to be repaired. To help you find your way through the manual, the section title, and the main heading at the top of every page

General description

At the beginning of each section, an overview is provided corresponding to all the repairs and operations contained in that section. Read these precautions before beginning any repair work.

Problem solving

Troubleshooting tables are included for each system to help you diagnose the problem and find the cause.


The preparation lists the SSTs (Special Service Tools), tools, equipment, lubricant, and SSMs (Special Service Materials) that should be prepared before starting operation and explains the purpose of each.

Repair procedures

Most repair operations begin with a general illustration. Identify the components and show how the pieces fit together.


Toyota 22R mechanics manual

Procedures are presented in a step-by-step format for example
• The illustration shows what to do and where to do it.
• The task heading indicates what to do.
• Detailed text indicates how to perform the task and provides other information such as: specifications and warnings.


Specifications are presented in bold throughout the text where necessary. You never have to. Leave the procedure to find your specifications. They are also found at the end of each section for quick reference. This format provides the experienced technician with a quick trace to the necessary information. The uppercase assignment heading can be read at a glance when needed, and the text below provides detailed information. Important specifications and warnings are always highlighted in bold


References have been kept to a minimum. However, when they are required, you are given the page to consult.

Cautions, warnings and suggestions

• Cautions are shown in bold type and indicate that there is a possibility that you or others could be injured. 
• Notices are also displayed in bold and indicate the possibility of damage to the repaired component (s).
• Suggestions are separated from the text but do not appear in bold. They provide additional information to help you perform the repair efficiently.

The units given in this manual are expressed primarily according to the SI unit (International
System of Unit), and expressed alternately in the metric system and in the English system. For example:
Torque: 30 N - m (310 kgf - cm, 22 ft - lbf)

These are the main factors that each manual represents. However, some brands use different systems, but the direction they will take it is simply the same.

Example of the use of mechanics manuals

Now let's look at some of the content of this manual and how it can help to troubleshoot vehicle problems. For example, let's look at the removal, inspection and replacement of the engine thermostat.

Thermostat Inspection and Replacement

Tip: The thermostat is numbered according to the valve opening temperature.

Thermostat removal

1. Drain the coolant
2. Disconnect the following hoses

(a) Vacuum hoses
(b) PCV hose
(c) (with A / C) Idle hose

3. Disconnect the radiator inlet hose
4 Remove the thermostat

Toyota 22R Thermostat Removal

(a) Remove the two bolts and the water outlet from the intake manifold.
(b) Remove the thermostat with the gasket.
(c) Remove the gasket from the thermostat.

Thermostat inspection

Tip: The thermostat is numbered according to the opening temperature of the valve.

(a) Submerge the thermostat in hot water gradually.
(b) Check valve opening temperature and valve lift.

Toyota 22R Thermostat Inspection

  • Valve opening temperature: 86–90 C (187–184 F)
  • Valve lift: 8 mm (0,31 in.) Or more at 100 C (212 F)

If the valve opening temperature and valve lift are not within specification, replace the thermostat.

(c) Check that the valve spring is tight when the thermostat is fully closed, and replace it if it is not tight

Toyota 22R Thermostat Check

Thermostat installation

1. Place the thermostat on the intake manifold

(a) Put a new gasket on the thermostat.
(b) Install the thermostat on the intake manifold.
(c) Install the water outlet with the two bolts. Torque: 19 N - m (195 kgf - cm, 14 ft - lbf)

2. connect the radiator inlet hose
3. Connect the following hoses

a) (with A / C) Hose inactive
(b) PCV hose
(c) Vacuum hoses
4. fill the system with refrigerant
5. Start the engine and check for leaks.

This procedure is done without hesitation in a simple way. However, this procedure is shown in order to demonstrate what is the usefulness and help that a mechanics manual can provide. Each manual on this page has been examined to determine that they may be useful. Hundreds of our manuals are complete and have everything you need for any repair that the vehicle may require. Many manuals are exclusively for engine mechanics, as is the case in this manual that we take as an example of the Toyota 22R-E engine. Likewise, many of the manuals are written in Spanish and many of them in original English as again the example mentioned above.

Complete mechanics manuals in Spanish and English

There are many complete repair manuals in Spanish and English that this page incorporates. These manuals contain all the necessary information such as the following:

  • General Information 
  • Maintenance
  • Engine mechanical part
  • Engine lubrication and cooling system
  • Engine controls
  • throttle, exhaust and intake control system
  • Clutch 
  • Manual transmission
  • Automatic transmission
  • Front and rear axle
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Steering system Brake system 
  • Supplemental restraint system
  • Body and trim
  • Starting and charging system 
  • Electric system
  • Heating and air conditioning

Engine mechanics manual

These types of mechanics manuals include information such as the description of the engine repair of the systems that allow its operation.

  • Lubrication system
  • Cooling system
  • Wired motor controls 
  • Head
  • Cylinders block
  • Fuel system in the engine
  • Chain or timing belt
  • Replacement in component inspection
  • Diagnostic and repair table.



About Auto Mechanic Pictures

Whenever possible, the mechanical images on this page refer to each vehicle and content of the manual in question. In some cases the images are only implemented in order to show what the content of this page is about.

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The mechanics manuals on this page are free and no registration or payment is required to download them. 99% of the manuals are in PDF format. However, they are compressed in Rar to reduce weight and download faster.

 How to download a mechanics manual?

This is a question that is frequently generated. Downloading these manuals is very simple, just select the make of your vehicle, the model and look for the Text (Download File) Click on it and the manual will be downloaded directly to your computer or mobile phone.

For computers, a program with Win Rar is required to extract the file. An application is not required on smartphones, since most phones contain an application where the file can be viewed directly. 



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