Acura RL 2001 3.5L Timing Mechanics Manual

Acura RL 2001 3.5L Timing Belt Manual Engine timing manual, timestamps, timing, torques, adjustments and replacement of timing belt in PDF file

2001 Acura RL 3.5L Engine Timing Mechanics Manual

2001 Acura RL

This repair manual has the most accurate information for replacement timing belt on Acura vehicles. Also, it includes images of the delimbing procedure and replacement of the toothed belt.

Contents of this Acura RL mechanics manual

All the content of this manual is based on the data provided by the manufacturer where the replacement of the timing belt is specified. Acura also identifies this engine as an INTERFERENCE engine in which there is the possibility of piston valve damage in the event of a timing belt failure is more likely to occur. A compression check must be performed on all cylinders before removing the cylinder head (s).

Free Download Acura RL 2001 3.5L Workshop Manual PDF


Free Download Acura RL 2001 3.5L Workshop Manual PDF

Download this mechanics manual without any problem. Although this manual is hosted on our servers to ensure a safe download, however, this repair manual can be viewed online to avoid having to download the manual to the computer.

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Acura RL 2001 3.5L
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Acura RL 2001 3.5L Mechanics Manual

Distribution band replacement intervals

There is no recommended interval for replacement of the timing belt. The replacement must be considered taking into account several characteristics such as the use of the vehicle, (Normal or Severe) As well as the inspection of the condition of the same. The maintenance program of the same is unknown, all these factors must be considered to determine the replacement of the timing belt.

Acura recommends: Replace every 120,000 miles under normal conditions. As well as replacement every 60,000 miles under severe conditions of use. In both cases the tensioner pulley must be replaced. Acura recommends that the timing belt be replaced every 4 years if replacement mileage is not met. However, the vehicle's past service and use history should always be considered.

Recommendations and advice

Disconnect the earth cable from the battery, do not rotate the crankshaft or camshaft with the timing belt removed, remove the glow plugs to make the engine turn more easily, turn the engine in the normal direction of rotation (Unless otherwise specified in the repair manual. Do not rotate the engine using the camshaft or other sprockets and adhere to all tightening torques.

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