How to deactivate the car immobilizer?

How to deactivate the immobilizer? This is the question that many of us ask ourselves. Well, the answer is so simple. disabling the immobilizer is a somewhat complicated task. There are many types of vehicles and not all of them work the same. The detail is that each make and model has its own immobilizer system and is part of the vehicle.

How to unlock the immobilizer or factory alarm?

Some cars are more complicated but anything can be done. Of course, we put the entire vehicle at risk, starting with its computer, if we do something wrong, the vehicle will hopefully end up locked, or worse, we can permanently damage the computer. Well some experts have verified that the immobilizer of some vehicles can be deactivated, however, this as I said (Experts). Many of us think that we could do it anyway and that it is simple but ... Let me give you some advice, before performing this procedure. The car immobilizer is so it won't get stolen. The immobilizer is a security system that protects your assets. Are you able to carry out the deactivation procedure yourself?

Well, many national and imported vehicles can deactivate the immobilized system or the factory alarm system. We have explained this many times on our website. However, many do not take note of what is in the content they simply want magic and they will not find it. Remember that deactivating the immobilizer is somewhat complicated and if you do not understand anything that we will explain below, we recommend not trying it. Now we are going to see some examples of how to do what we want

How to disable the system on a 2004-2005 Chevrolet Blazer

1.- Locate the LIGHT GREEN cable.
2.- Send a Negative signal.
3.- This line is located in the BCM in the purple harness.
4.- The BCM is in the center of the dash console below the radio.

As simple as taking a candy from a child, right? This is how the system of this vehicle is deactivated now let's go with a second example.

How to disable the alarm system in a 2004-2006 Chevrolet Cavalier

1.- It is only deactivated with a factory remote control.

As you can see, this vehicle is not deactivated in any other way. That is why you will not find information about this system..

Let's see one more example

Disabling the factory alarm system of a 2002-2005 Chevrolet Impala

1.- Locate the LIGHT GREEN cable.
2.- Send a Negative signal.
3.- This line is located in the BCM on the gray harness.
4.- The BCM is next to the brake pedal is a black box with three harnesses.

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