Technical data manual TF Victor

Technical data manual, TF Victor. All automotive technical data for vehicles and brands available on this page. These manuals provide all the information necessary for car repair.

TF Victor technical data manual for gasoline engines

Victor Technical Data Manual

Each filtering bag Mechanical manual TF Victor, these manuals provide the torques for gasoline engines, tuning specifications for Internal combustion engines, as well as all the data and information for the repair and maintenance of the car, repair of gasoline and diesel engines, all mechanical for the assembly of the gasoline engine and adjustment of internal combustion engines. TF Víctor offers us this auto mechanic magazine completely written in Spanish.

TF Victor Technical Specifications Manual for Gasoline Engines

Victor te manual


Technical data manual TF Víctor.

Chevrolet, GMC
Ford, Mercury, Lincoln
Chrysler / Hyundai

Technical data manual TF Víctor 20th edition

download the technical data manual for gasoline and light diesel engines Volume 1 and 2

20th Edition

General technical data specifications

Tuning specifications, spark plug calibration, tightening torque measurements, set-up, identification of time marks, clearance of rings, pistons, connecting rods, bench, valve setting, and much more, for the repair of engines to gasoline. These technical data manuals are essential for all types of repairs because the specialized technician must use all the data that allow him to correctly repair a motor. For this reason, every mechanic who uses a manual mechanical it's because you know the importance of having the correct data for a repair.

Displacement -Compression ratio - Firing order - Valve kit - Intake - Valve kit - Exhaust - Compression pressure - Oil pressure - Radiator cap -Thermostat opening, and many specifications and technical repair data Endless of technical data of the manufacturer for the repair of the vehicle and its engine from the firing order to each and every one of the systems used in the vehicle by the manufacturer. TF Victor a registered trademark of the group Dacomsa

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  1. The fiat siena was marketed in other countries as fiat Plio maybe with that name you will find some information


  3. hello, I have a small problem with my memory ,,,,, I am repairing a 2.4L mitsubichi engine, it is from a mitsubichi mighty max year 92, but I need to know the tightening or torque of the rods and bench, someone help me? Thanks in advance

  4. How can I acquire the manuals and with how many points do I get them? I am from Necaxa, Puebla.
    I appreciate your attention.


  5. Hello I am looking for the manual for Ford Fairmont Guayin 1982 and Ford Mustang 1982, the search engine tells me that there is not, they can help me.
    Thank you

  6. Thank you very much for the much needed TFVictor data and good data congratulations greetings from Bolivia
    At the same time ask the favor of if you have mitsubishi synchronizations, you will be thanked

  7. The Astra manual has many specifications and torques of the 2.0 engine, download it for free Search the chevrolet page

  8. I can't find the engine manual for an econoline 93
    someone could help me with that tell me where to look please

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