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Free workshop manuals in Spanish pdf. Our website provides you with all the necessary information for your own user owner or automotive mechanic. You can perform the repair of your own vehicle. Here you will find all the data to do it, at no cost. Our goal is to help people in need. As well as people who like to maintain their vehicle, the procedure is facilitated and they do it with quality.

To achieve this, it is required to carefully follow the instructions detailed in the manuals such as warnings and precautions of the same, the manuals written in English, can be translated without difficulty, otherwise it can be interpreted by means of each mechanical image of the same

Free pdf manuals, engine layout and technical repair data

Manuals for cars, with gasoline and diesel engines. Only the best and most complete manuals contain all the practical information to carry out a correct diagnosis and repair of the car.

In these manuals we will find All the systems included in the engine and chassis of the car. Such as the technical data for tuning and repair of all gasoline and diesel engines.
All manuals have a variety of content like the one mentioned below.


All contents of the workshop manuals automotive PDF

Content specifications and repair data

Engine mechanics

The engine mechanics shows us all the procedures to repair or maintain it. To begin with a repair of all types of automotive engines, a diagnosis must be carried out first, therefore these manuals contain guides or diagnosis tables. they show you how to review the systems included in it.

The systems have a unique functionality and are made up of certain unique components, that is, a car system fails when one of the components has stopped working or has reached the end of its useful life. For example, the cooling system consists of hoses, a water pump, a thermostat, a radiator and a coolant tank. When this system fails, there is a problem in one of these components. The job is to find which component has gone bad and fix it. A mechanics manual will help us find all the locations of the components and thus understand where we should start looking for the problem.

Engine breakdown

Some of the mechanics books on this website show us the complete breakdown of a car engine. From removing the simplest and most common spare parts, to the disassembly of the valve head or cylinder head, cylinder block, transmission and the entire part by an engine. It also shows us the part or spare part number specified by the vehicle manufacturer for replacement.

Electrical diagrams

Obtaining the electrical diagram of a vehicle is a slightly more complicated task, however we try to help users to achieve everything they need to repair their car. We use some softwares like Autodata, Alldata, and Ondemand to be able to discover all the electrical system of the car. We must also mention that the system is divided into sections such as the electrical system of lights, the fuel pump, the electrical system of the engine and the accessories system, how to connect a relay for what it is, how it works and much more.

Body repair and maintenance

The body repair manuals include all the information required to service the body. The body is responsible for or includes parts of the car such as instrument panel locks, seats, seat belts, doors, plates and everything related to the chassis of the same including in some cases the car suspension system, both front and rear , fuel tank and more.

Synchronize and tune a motor

Manuals for the synchronization, timing, replacement of the chain or timing belt of the engine, as well as all its components, such as the water pump, gears and crankshaft pinion, both the camshaft, and all the pulleys or gears of the system depending on the vehicle, be it belt or chain. Also included are pictures of timestamps and procedures for disassembling and reassembling the system, advice on intervals specified by the manufacturer for replacement of the timing belt. all for a correct engine tuning.

Automatic transmissions

On this page you will also find some manuals of the automatic transmission and manual transmission, however we have a link to a website where you can find some more models on the automatic transmissions

PDF manuals for all auto mechanics

Learn easy mechanics with the automotive maintenance manuals, which we offer on our website. The best mechanical diagrams, explanation of the repair process, with the most detailed mechanical images possible. Know all the mechanical tools to work as an auto mechanic.

TF Victor technical data manuals for gasoline engines

Among all data and technical specifications We find measurements related to Displacement, Compression Ratio, Firing Order, Valve Clearance, Intake, Valve Clearance, Exhaust, Compression Pressure, Oil Pressure, Radiator Cap, Thermostat Opening, and many specifications and technical data of repair,

A variety of technical data provided by manufacturer, for the repair of the vehicle and its engine. From the firing order in addition to each and every one of the systems used in the vehicle.

Types of mechanics manuals PDF

Mechanics manual or workshop manual are the same although there are some magazines and mechanics books with different contents

Self-Study Manual

A self-study manual that offers information on the operation of a specific system, let's say the Volkswagen electronic accelerator. It specifies how it works, the parts that compose it, and how it is maintained.

Complete mechanics manual

A complete mechanics manual, regularly it is a PDF with the specifications and technical data on the repair of the entire vehicle. That is to say, each and every one of the systems that are included in it From the mechanical system to the electrical system, fuel injection loads and much more.

Partial mechanics manual

There is also the so-called partial mechanics manual, this is a manual dedicated to a single section of the car, such as the engine manual or the suspension manual. These manuals are easier to obtain and although we all would like a complete workshop manual in Spanish and free, not everything is as simple as it seems.

Manuals and catalogs of parts or exploded view

A parts manual or exploded view, it is a manual to know how the car is assembled part by part including each screw and bolt, no matter how minimum, some include the part number specified by the manufacturer to be able to request the replacement or spare part

The PDF mechanics manuals on our website are usually found in Spanish and English, the most common being written in the latter, since most manufacturers focus on the European and North American market, although some are written in Spanish and are fantastic to use. .

What is a mechanic or workshop manual for?

A mechanics manual serves many purposes depending a lot on its use, understanding ability and user experience. With a repair manual we can do everything from a major repair to scheduled or routine maintenance.

How to use a mechanics manual

A mechanics manual should be used with some caution because we must carefully read what it explains and the steps to follow to solve our problem. A repair manual explains and contains the solution to all the problems that may arise in our vehicle.

For example, if there is a problem with the engine, this problem is logged in the computer by generating a code and turning on the thousand fault light. Now we have our problem and to know how to solve it we must do.

Fault code or DTC code problem

Let's say our generated code is a code P0123 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Circuit High Voltage This code tells us that the problem has to do with this sensor. It shows us that we must do how to check it, as well as the values ​​that it must have for its correct operation. See this code sample to understand and get more information P0123. This is an example of what a manual can do and what information it provides. but as mentioned previously, we must read to better understand what is explained in this regard.

Contents of an Engine Mechanics Manual

A mechanics manual for the engine contains the information for mechanical repair of the engine. It includes information on the lubrication system, engine controls, assembly and disassembly, mechanical system, crankshaft camshafts, connecting rods, pistons and everything related to it.

How much does it cost to repair a car

This question does not have an answer because many people want to know how much it costs to repair their vehicle because they only say it does not start or fails but the root of the cost depends a lot on the problem of it. If you have asked yourself this question, it means that you have given up and do not want to know anything about it. This question does not apply to this site, leave it for your trusted mechanic.

Mechanical and workshop tool

About the work tools that are required to carry out a mechanic job or some repair to the vehicle. There are many, many tools necessary to perform a repair to the vehicle, some tools are special only for the vehicle, and some others are special and mandatory for all repairs commonly needed for the mechanic shop and some other somewhat basic tools for hobbyists and owners.

Special tools per vehicle

Locking tools, special pullers and special use tools for the vehicle only,

  • Camshaft Locking Tool
  • Crankshaft block
  • Valve change tool

Special mechanical workshop, These are several and among them we find diagnostic tools such as torque wrench, diagnostic tool and special extractors.

  • Scanner
  • Oscilloscope
  • Extractors
  • Pressure gauges

Basic tool, which is necessary for the homeowner, automotive technician or mechanical engineer. These are mandatory and more than that necessary for any mechanical repair of the vehicle.

  • Mechanical keys
  • ratchets and dice
  • Hydraulic jack
  • Car mounts
  • various tweezers
  • basic special tools
  • Filter wrench

General precautions notices and warnings in PDF mechanics manuals

As you read your workshop manual, you will find warnings and precautions that you should always keep in mind to avoid damage to the vehicle and especially to our person. These notices prevent us from making potentially fatal mistakes that we can avoid just by heeding them.

The most common warnings and cautions in the PDF Mechanics Manuals can be the following:

  • Use the right tool
  • Keep clean the work area
  • Wear protective equipment, gloves and safety glasses
  • Pay attention to the precautions specified in the manual
  • If the occasion requires it, consult the advice of a specialist
  • Do not remove the tank cap with a hot engine
  • Disconnect the battery before any repair

The usefulness of a mechanics manual is much greater than it appears. A mechanics manual offers endless tips and knowledge about the operation of the car. Skilled technicians understand that the use of the manual has a meaning of warranty and accuracy.

These tips are certainly very useful. However, we will find many more tips and precautions that we must consider before starting with car repair or maintenance.

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