Technical data manual TF Victor 20th Edition PDF

Technical data manual TF Victor 20th Edition Free. All automotive technical data for vehicles and brands available on this page. Download volume 1 for vehicles with American engines and volume 2 for Asian and European engines.

TF Victor 20th Edition of Technical Data for Gasoline and Light Diesel Engines

Within these volumes of technical data we find the most commercial brands such as Dodge. Hyundai, Jeep Chevrolet, Volkaswagen, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Mazda among others We can also download technical data manuals by separate brands for users who do not require more than one specific brand. The manuals include the same information with the variety of models other than this edition.

Technical Specifications Manual Edition 20 PDF

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Technical data TF Victor 20th Edition
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Volume II
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Contents of technical data volumes XNUMXth edition

Tuning specifications, spark plug calibration, tightening torque measurements, set-up, identification of time marks, clearance of rings, pistons, connecting rods, bench, valve setting, and much more, for the repair of engines to gasoline. These technical data manuals are essential for all types of repairs because the specialized technician must use all the data that allow him to correctly repair a motor. For this reason, every mechanic who uses a mechanics manual it's because you know the importance of having the correct data for a repair.

Displacement -Compression ratio - Firing order - Valve kit - Intake - Valve kit - Exhaust - Compression pressure - Oil pressure - Radiator cap -Thermostat opening, and many specifications and technical repair data Endless of technical data of the manufacturer for the repair of the vehicle and its engine from the firing order to each and every one of the systems used in the vehicle by the manufacturer. TF Victor a registered trademark of the group Dacomsa

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